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Tom & Mat in Shoreditch

Last month, I took a few portraits of these two lovely Colombian brothers who live in Shoreditch. Tom and Mat did not wait for the Olympics to discover the East End of London. They have been based in Shoreditch for a couple of years now and they are tremendously enjoying it.

These images were taken just outside of their house, on a quiet residential street just off Bricklane and Bethnal Green. I found that the red brick walls and the small leafy courtyard behind their house provided just the right backdrop to this impromptu photo session.

The Lively Streets of Istanbul

Besides its incredible location by the sea, the life and animation of the streets are what impressed me the most in Istanbul. Of course there are world-renowned landmarks that you cannot miss, but in my sense, simply wandering through the streets and getting to know the many neighbourhoods of the city is a wonderful way to get a flavour of Istanbul.

The streets are filled with all these “little nothings”: a woman selling flowers, corn, or pretzels, the crowd of people walking up and down the streets carrying children and groceries, calling up one another, women chatting among themselves, cats and dogs knocked out by the heat and desperate for a hideout in the shadow, the fascinating echo of the five daily prayers – all these small pieces of life brought together form the most lively and colourful canvas you can imagine.

The Doors

Recently I was struck by the diversity of styles, colours, heights and shapes of the Parisian doors. You can simply walk for a little while between République, Arts et Métiers and le Marais, and in those 20 minutes, you will capture a great deal of architectural wonders. To be fair, I am not so picky, and I like a little bit of everything; doors that are impressive by their height, magnificent by their intricate design, doors that almost blind you by their bright and somewhat unexpected tones, doors that get one to wonder what’s hiding behind… I think those are my favourite kind of doors, they awaken the child inside me, always ready to fantasize about other people’s lives, and always ready to make up stories about them!

London Snapshots


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